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Genge: Action,Drama,Mystery,Thriller































As attorney Ethan West's investigation begins, he calls upon President Kirkman's closest advisers and staff.
The secret 25th Amendment proceedings are underway, with Ethan West only officially calling four witnesses: Dr. Louden, Aaron, Emily and Tom himself, although he is free is call whomever else he wants as the proceedings progress. Despite Kendra's assurances that they will win, Tom knows that his chances of ending the day as President are slim at best, especially as it is incumbent on them to prove that he deserves to keep the job. As things go from bad to worse, other testimony may have other repercussions on Tom's presidency regardless of the outcome. Some of the senior staff also muse about the "what if"s as they too may be out of jobs by day's end. Meanwhile, Tom still has to finalize the budget by the end of the day, failure to do so which will cause the government to shut down. Getting wind of the 25th Amendment proceedings, the majority Senate leaders decide to play hardball in requesting some last minute changes to the budget to which Tom had not previously agreed. Tom has to decide within this matter what he wants his legacy as president to be in either caving in to the demands or holding strong forcing the shutdown. And Hannah is certain that Dr. Frost is behind the hacks despite not having that conclusive piece of evidence. The evidence that Hannah does have is not enough to convince either Aaron or more importantly Tom, whose directive to Hannah is to find that conclusive evidence. Hannah has to decide what to do under the circumstances, as friends have died in service at the hands of the hacker, as there is the national security aspect making stopping the hacker of some urgency, and as Dr. Frost herself ends up having some connection to the 25th Amendment proceedings.
Michael J. Fox has played a lawyer or legal expert on a number of shows and it is easy to see why as he is believable in that role. His character brought some intrigue to the show and even though we knew Kirkman was in no danger, the suspense was still strong.

A good episode, I just don't like the cliffhanger. We know that Hannah will end up saving the day in the season finale and Tom will bring her back into the fold.
Well played by all culminating in a positive result for the administration. Was surprised by the termination at the end, but that's what happens when emotions get the best of you. All in all a pretty good season and am hopeful that next season demonstruhow government can better serve the people and overcome the divisions that hold the country back.


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